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Leather Care

Leather furniture is the fastest growing segment of the furniture manufacturing industry, with numbers approaching 30% of the retail market. Many agree that leather is one of the finest seating surfaces known to man. There are several types of leathers and finishes and no two should be treated and cared for in exactly in the same manner. Leather types ranges from pigmented leathers with a very durable finish to Nubucks that are incredibly soft and many other categories in between. Most do-it-yourself or over-the-counter cleaning products can create problems with leather. This fact, combined with the numerous types and sub-types of leather being used on leather furniture, may create cleaning and care issues for consumers and professional cleaners without proper training.

Our professionals are trained to recognize different types and sub-types of leather. We are able to respond with custom cleaning techniques and procedures that minimize problems before they arise, while the leather furnishing to a clean, sanitary state that enhances the interior decor of any home or office.

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